Foundation Backbone

Beskrywing / storie van die projek:

Through a Leadership program, focusing on personal growth and development, we are shaping the lives of marginalised children from Atlantis to rise above their challenging circumstances. We strongly believe by multiplying youth leaders we can move the world. Our program addresses both the symptoms and the root of the social challenges in Atlantis. Our efforts and engagements are strategically planned to service the children over the cause of a year.

Hoe om betrokke te raak:

  • Volunteer – Assistance with our Saturday events coming up.
  • Volunteer – Additional projects. If you are self-starter we need you.
  • Sourcing sponsorships for our goodie-bag for our weekend camp

Storie van hoop:

To build confidence and self esteem we provide each leader with a name badge. This is an excellent tool to not only honour the child’s achievement, but also build their confidence and making them value the position and core values of leadership. Most of our results are based on systems and structures, as we are dealing with a high number of children. The management of a school failed to provide the names of the leaders on time with the consequence that the leaders of that school were going to miss out on the privilege of name badges. Not only was I disappointed but also frustrated as the desired outcome was jeopardised. The hand-out of the badges is part of a ceremony where the children pledge their commitment to the cornerstone values of leadership. In fact on the morning of the event I got into my car a little angry. This neglect from the school is not supporting the goals that we are committed to achieve. On my way to Atlantis that morning, my heart was directed to the beach. I stopped and picked up stones. Yes, that just had to do…stones!! In place of the badges I’m going to hand out stones. Feeling cheated, God still offered me his help in the situation. I prepared a talk for the kids around Jesus being our rock. I encouraged the children to keep the stone safe and to use it as a symbol where they can leave their stress. All in all we had a fun day and we managed to deliver the program well, under the circumstances. Returning home on the day I sat down and read their appreciation letters. I was ashamed. So many of the letters referred and thanked us for the encouragement they have received through the symbol of the rock. I thank God for working in mysterious ways and he never fails to amaze me. God is exceptional, and he never fails to show us his unconditional love in ways we can only imagine.


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